How to Improve Your Board Members Communications

Effective communication between board members helps build trust, foster cooperation and problem-solving as well as encourage involvement in key organizational initiatives. This allows the board to assess and manage risk, set the priorities and promote growth of the company.

Begin by creating regular and clear channels for feedback for your board members, both inside and outside of board meetings. This will help you understand the communication you are making and will give you the chance to rectify any miscommunications swiftly.

Make sure you’re using a safe, cloud-based board portal that makes it easy for all your board members to gain access to information. When writing your board communication be sure to use a clear language that doesn’t contain technical jargon and acronyms. Make complex information more understandable by providing visual aids and make use of logical formatting to allow your board members to locate the information they require.

Make the effort to learn about your board members‘ lives and interests that go beyond their professional roles. Understanding what motivates them and the ways in which they learn, can help you communicate with them more effectively. for example, some people prefer to receive information in written form, while others may prefer receiving information via text message.

The more you strive to improve your board members‘ communication, the stronger foundation will be laid to ensure the future success of your organization. Keep up the great work and strive to improve!