Creating a Strategic Board Agenda

A good agenda for a strategic board provides an orderly listing of interesting topics and allows enough time for discussion. It’s not enough to arrange topics in the correct order. You also need clear guidelines for how to proceed.

To ensure that board members are ready for the meeting, board members should make sure to send out materials at least a week -and ideally a complete weekend — ahead of the time. This gives everyone enough time to review the reports and highlight what they think are the most important issues that the board should address. It is also crucial to make it as easy as possible for board members to attend the meeting either in person or via remote. This is crucial for encouraging an engaging and lively discussion.

It’s important to be honest when estimating how long each topic will last so that discussions don’t get rushed. Additionally, it’s a great idea to avoid having multiple meetings, which can lead to more fatigue and less participation.

Similarly, it’s important to avoid reporting on reports that aren’t connected to the overall strategy of the company. These can result in a tangled mess of information and each business unit presenting its own data and numbers, making it difficult to connect the dots. Make sure to include only the most relevant and current information on the agenda. This will ensure that the board is able to discuss long-term goals and strategic goals effectively and also guide the organization.