The Main Reason For Using a Data Room

Data rooms are used to conduct due diligence on M&A transactions, fundraising or any other transaction requiring sharing of sensitive data. They offer a safe alternative to email or free file-sharing services. They offer the security features and permissions that are granular, like encryption, two-factor authentication and watermarks.

The amount of information required for due diligence will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project, but it is essential that all parties have the ability to access the same documents. A central data room that has a clear folder structure and standard titles for documents and an index that is master-like makes it easy for stakeholders and other interested parties to locate information and navigate. Grouping similar documents together in subfolders can also speed up the review process.

When presenting data, it is crucial to emphasize the most needle-moving virtual data room providers KPIs, and not overwhelm slides with irrelevant information. It is also crucial to not share non-standard analysis that could cause confusion for investors and alter their expectations of the company’s growth and health.

It’s also helpful to include an overview slide at the end of each deck, which highlights the main points and the main points you want your audience to take away from the presentation. It will make it easier for investors to switch between deep dives into the numbers and a broader view.