Avoid Costly Mistakes With Free Data Room Services


Data rooms can streamline transactions and safeguard sensitive data as well as improve due diligence in M&As or capital raising. Data rooms specifically designed for data are more secure than standard tools for sharing files, and can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of a business. Some companies believe that they can save money by using free virtual data room services instead. This is a dangerous assumption since data rooms that are free are more susceptible to thievery and privacy breaches, which can be costly or impossible to recover from.

To avoid costly errors and ensure the success of your VDR project, choose an option that comes with advanced features that are included in an affordable package. A good VDR such as this has an automatic index to the files and a dynamic watermark which adds the email address of the recipient in real-time to the document, preventing screenshots. It also comes with advanced expiry options as well as DRM to block unauthorized printing and sharing. It should also include an individual client portal, a portal for partners and clients and a simple but intuitive graphical user interface that’s equally clear to the CFO and entry-level accountant.

A reliable VDR should be compatible with the widest range of operating systems and mobile devices. It should also have powerful reporting capabilities that convert the audit logs of activity into useful reports. Visual analytics should be available to ease and improve M&A and due diligence processes. It should also allow users to set access rights that correspond to each user’s role.